What if professional development actually worked?

Professional development designed to empower teachers to never stop

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What if professional development was a painless process which empowered teachers in the classroom and enhanced student achievement? What if professional development wasn’t stressful? What if professional development was custom to the needs of each teacher? What if year after year, teachers improved their capabilities? We believe the current professional development process is broken and in desperate need of fixing.

Professional Development for Teachers Designed by Teachers.

Simple. Easy. Personalized. Data-Driven.

We simplify the Professional Development Process.

We simplify the professional development process for administrators and teachers with automated, prescriptive professional development plans specifically designed for each teachers needs.

We empower teachers.

We empower teachers through flexible, interactive, online professional development that expands their personal learning networks.

We improve the performance of teachers and school districts.

Our innovative process has been proven to build core pedagogical skills of teachers that are shown to improve student outcomes.

We save time & money for school districts.

It is proven that on average school districts pay up to $17K per year for ineffective professional development. Our process is proven to save both time and money.

Professional Development Process with Proven Results

Teachers using our personalized professional development process have experienced a 16% growth in their summative scores. Our continuous improvement cycle is designed to meet the needs of each teacher based on his or her specific challenges and interest.

Our professional development methodology benefits not only the teacher, but the administrators, school systems, and students.

Administrator Benefits

Our process is a smarter, more efficient way to approach professional development.

Our methodology provides a critical linkage between administrator observations and professional development goals.

Our methodology saves administrators time and money.

Our innovative reporting engine dynamically creates teacher and school PD plans.

Teacher Benefits

Through our online platform, you can connect with a community of teachers for an enhanced learning network.

Our process strengthens relationships between you and your administrator.

Our method develops plans that are personalized, relevant, and useful.

Teachers earn CEU credits for course completion.


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